Saturday, February 2, 2019

 10:00 am-5:00 pm

  Free Admission

       2018 The Year of the Pig

22nd Annual Texas International Lunar Festival

Saturday, February 24, 2018 10:00am-5:00pm


 10:00am-10:10am Lion and Dragon Dance by Shaolin Temple Cultural Center

10:10am Emcee: Jimmy Ma / Wen Sun/Bruce Johnson/JinLu Liu/Carina Zhang

Grand Opening Ceremony –Congressman Al Green

10:20am:Posting of Colors by Buffalo Soldiers Houston Chapter-

10:25am:National Anthem--Electric guitar play

10:30am:Grand Opening remarks by Mr. Wea Lee, Chairman & CEO, Southern News Group

10:35am:VIP Speeches

10:45am: Picture Taking and Flash Mob



10:55am Program Introduction by Jimmy Ma / Wen Sun/Bruce Johnson/ JinLu Liu /Carina Zhang

1) 11:00am Opening song & dance by J&H Dance Schools

2) 11:20am ShaoLin Kungfu by Shaolin Temple Cultural Center

3) 11:30am solo Singing by Chunchi Liu

4) 11:35am Group Dance”Chinese Knot” Hua Xia Katy School

5) 11:40am Solo Singing by Karen Chen

6) 11:50pm Rocko's Performance

7) 12:00pm Music playing by North America Youth Orchestra

8) 12:10pm Group Dance by Hua Xia Katy School

9) 12:15pm 2018 Happy New Year 2018

10) 12:20pm 8 Style Wang Xi'an Tai Chi

11) 12:30pm 18 & Life (Skid Row) & (Beyond) Solo: Zombie (The Cranberries) & It's so easy to fall in love(Linda Ronstabt)

12) 1:00pm Belly Dance

13) 1:10pm Solo singing by Si Yang

14) 1:15pm Qipao Performance-- by Woman Flowers

15) 1:25pm Indian Performance                             

16) 1:35pm Solo singing, The Wind Blows the Wheat

17) 1:40pm 4 Plays by Russia group from World Theater

18) 2:10pm Percussion performance

19) 2:20pm Solo singing: Billionaire by, Liangston JamesOu

20) 2:25pm Philippines Bamboo Dance Tinikling/Tropical Rhythm

21) 2:30pm Folk Music Ensemble by Houston Folk Band

22) 2:40pm Group Dance by Dance of Asian American

23) 2:45pm Solo Singing Shepherd

24) 2:50pm Chen’s Style Taichi performance

25) 3:00pm Solo singing

26) 3:10pm Love Songs

27) 3:20pm Solo Singing by Mike

28) 3:30pm Brazilian Samba - LD Dance Company      


 4:00pm Closing Remarks